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Benefits of Hospitality internship

Working in the hospitality industry is often stressful: long shifts, weekend work, always smiling and staying friendly even when the guests aren’t. This is not for everyone and requires a lot of motivation and discipline. It is therefore an advantage to do internships before you start your studies to find out whether the hotel industry is really right for you. Apart from the fact that some universities require practical experience for an application. We will show you the different fields of activity and the benefits!

Benefits of an internship

In hotel management studies, professional experience in the form of internships or previous training is often a prerequisite for even starting the course.

Either you go through various stations within the hotel business during the internship in order to get to know everything and to get an insight into the variety of different activities.

Another possibility is to complete several internships in one area each . This requires more time, but on the other hand you can get to know different hotels early on (and possibly also make important contacts for your later career) and get even deeper insights into the respective areas of responsibility. With several internships you can also get to know the different forms of the hospitality industry.

Not just limited to hotels

In addition to hotels, you can also apply for an internship with cruise companies, brokers or operators of holiday apartments or club resorts.

What can you expect during the internship?

During an internship in hotel management, you can get a taste of the many different departments – e.g. B. Front Office, Rooms Division, Housekeeping or Food & Beverage. If you are lucky, you will also get an insight into the administration and management of the hotel during the internship and can thus also learn about the specific activities of a hotel manager such as e.g. get to know the accounting processes that work in the background to ensure that hotel life runs smoothly.

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