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How to choose your diving instructor

What is important to consider when choosing a diving course? The answer for us is simple: the INSTRUCTOR !

Often, in fact, not knowing the subject means that the choice falls on the cheapest diving course or which seems to offer the greatest “practical” advantages, such as access to a swimming pool or the free use of diving equipment. .

This type of choice, despite being motivated by economic reasons, does not however guarantee to find an instructor and a trained and competent staff.

Here are some tips to be able to choose a diving course guided by a competent instructor with greater awareness:

  1. do not be persuaded by friends and acquaintances: carry out, always and in any case, their own assessments, asking specific questions regarding the methods of conducting the course and the instructor who will hold it;
  2. compare more and more alternatives: local schools, diving centers, sports associations and specialized shops;
  3. ask what is included in the cost of the course: number of theoretical lessons, number of training dives in the pool, number of dives in real environment (sea or lake);
  4. ask if the use of diving equipment is provided by the club / center / association / shop or should be purchased;
  5. ask if the costs of the diving course include the teaching material, any admissions to the swimming pool, the exam, the costs for issuing the certification, the costs of the boat during the trips to the sea;
  6.  do not be fooled by too advantageous prices, training costs and nobody gives anything away;
  7.  no to online theoretical courses! The student instructor relationship is necessary to transmit experience and passion;
  8.  the internet helps us to collect information on who takes the course, but ATTENTION, sometimes the websites of the schools themselves are exaggerated compared to reality: it is useful to cross-check;
  9.  rely on instructors who carry out regular activities, go in the water constantly, they also dive for their own pleasure and not just for course diving; instructors who dive a little or only “do” a swimming pool are to be avoided… the experience in real environments is basic;
  10.  it is useful to choose an instructor who works within a facility and who provides the opportunity to continue diving at the end of the diving course.

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